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Important information & hazard warnings

Please see key points below regarding usage and safety.

  • Normal sleep position can worsen nasal breathing which in turn can prohibit sleep, therefore, our products are marketed as ‘Get-to-Sleep Aids’.
  • When using our products you will be aware of controlled pressure to the inside surface of a single nostril which is applied in order to improve nasal breathing. After a period of time, you should become acclimatised to this pressure. If this does not occur we recommend a lighter tension product be used.
  • The lifespan of each NoseVole is 24 hours after first insertion into nostril.
  • These products are not suitable for persons who suffer from internal nasal sensitivity, excess mucus (units fail to hold position), nose bleeding or trauma (recent operation or accident).
  • We recommend you start with our Tester Pack, which contains one of each size,  in order to determine which of our products is the ‘right one’ to help aid your sleep.
  • Please note that for hygiene reasons products cannot be returned once outer packaging has been opened.
  • All units constitute a child choking hazard – KEEP AWAY FROM ALL SMALL CHILDREN.
NoseVole - helps nasal breathing at night